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May 22, 2003

How to I introduce a new node into a specific pool?

I have been looking at the apidocs (LocalLB methods) but I don't know which method is appropriate to use. Any tips would be great.



Thanks, Jeff

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  • The ITCMLocalLB::Pool interface is used to manipulate members in a given pool. The specific method that you want is.



    void add_members




    String pool_name


    IPPortDefinition[] members





    Code to add member "" to pool "web_servers" this would look something like the following with Apache/SOAP.




         String pool_name = "web_servers"; 
         IPPortDefinition[] members = new IPPortDefinition[1]; 
         members[0] = new IPPortDefinition("", 80); 
         Vector params = new Vector(); 
             new Parameter("pool_name", String.class, pool_name, null)); 
             new Parameter("members", IPPortDefinition[].class, members, null)); 
         Response resp = call.invoke(...);