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Jul 02, 2011

How to get LocalLB Virtual Server configuration details?





I want to get server SSL configurations for all LocalLB Virtual Servers. I am able to get virtual servers list by below statement.




String[] vServers = m_interfaces.getLocalLBVirtualServer().get_list();




How can i get the configuration details for each virtual server using java? Please guide me.










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  • Hi Michael,



    Thanks for the reply.


    I am able to get the list of virtual servers. I want to get configuration for each virtual server. How can i get it?


  • It would require numerous individual queries.



    I listed the methods in a different post for everyone to use here:



    I created a single method call in C that would access a specific BIG-IP and pull back all of the Virtual Server settings, but that single method made all of the calls in the above listed post.