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Jul 16, 2012

How to find self ip of big-ip by using only utp port?

Hi , i'm new :)



this is a condition i met


1. don't know self ip and management ip (I must find self ip)


2. don't use management port and console port


3. no LCD


4. have only big-ip , notebook , UTP line 1 ea



how to find self ip of BIG-IP by using only UTP port?



and what i know if i plug UTP in to BIG-IP? MAC address?



thank you very much

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  • Assuming that you know what subnet the Self-IP is on, you could scan it, if it is listening for management traffic, it will answer at 443. I tell folks to disable that though, and not allow it on the self-ips. You're best bet is going to be to connect to the serial port.


  • As El_Jefe said, serial port access would be the simplest way to connect to the BIG-IP if you don't know the IP address(es) it's configured for.



    If that's not possible, you can run Wireshark on your laptop listening on the interface you've connected to the BIG-IP. Look for traffic sourced from a 00:01:D7 MAC address and get the corresponding IP address.



  • I'll try to test like your advice .. Thank you very much ^_^
  • It's work!! Thank you very much ^_^



    another question ... where can i find a lab to test ltm except ltm essential lab in thank you
  • Download a Virtual Edition free trial, and play around with it. Enjoy!
  • I suggest actually getting a VE lab edition evaluation key from an F5 or partner SE. The trial edition only supports 10.1 while the lab edition supports all current versions as well as all modules.