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Jul 04, 2023

how to find out where an old IP Adress is used


a few months ago we changed the vlan for a management-IP Adress, now i observed on the firewall the F5 tries to connect to the old management IP, but I can't find the IP in Config.

On ihealth I searched the Log for the old IP and I found a lot of entries like



makeRestCall (external) {"protocol":"https:","slashes":true,"auth":null,"host":"","port":"443","hostname":"","hash":null,"search":null,"query":null,"pathname":"/mgmt/tm/asm/policies/9E4OvTih1_P4Vau7wFUGVg","path":"/mgmt/tm/asm/policies/9E4OvTih1_P4Vau7wFUGVg","href":""}



where is the old MGMT IP.

other Logs:



POL-xxx (ASM-Policy) connect ECONNREFUSED



could you give me a hint, where to look for in Configuration?


trying to find out, why sometimes there's a failover to secondary machine and losing connection to pool-members

thank you


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      kgaigl Typically that command is used when upgrading HA pairs of BIG-IQs but that's good that it resolved your issue. This might be worth bringing to the attention of F5 to see if they have a bug related to this specifically.

  • Have you done a cd into the /config directory and performed a grep on all files? Also consider creating a QKView, loading into F5 iHealth, and performing a search for the IP address.


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    I created already a qkview and in Ihealth I found the Log-Entry.

    But I did not found the IP Adress in Config Explorer