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Jun 29, 2011

How to create clientSSLProfile



I am trying to create clientSSL profile but am unable to do so. I am using LocalLBProfileClientSSL.Create(strring[] profileName, LocalLBProfileString[] key, LocalLBProfileString[] certificate) method. The error says "Could not find element by name: value"




Need help in figuring out how to use this API. Also I did not find any way of providing parent profile at the time of creation.



Here is the code snippet -



LocalLBProfileString key = newLocalLBProfileString();


key.value = "FromCode"; //Name of key & certificate shown in BigIP GUI


key.default_flag = false;


LocalLBProfileString cert = new LocalLBProfileString ();


cert.value = "FromCode"; //Name of key & certificate shown in BigIP GUI


cert.default_flag = false;






new string [] { "clientssl_fromcode_pr" }, new LocalLBProfileString [] { key }, new LocalLBProfileString [] { cert });


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  • I figured it out. I had to use file names "/config/ssl/ssl.key/FromCode.key" & "/config/ssl/ssl.crt/FromCode.crt" in key.value and cert.value fields.