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Mar 30, 2012

How to configure another application hosting on same webservers?




I'm not an expert in this F5.




Application-A is on hosting on two physical web servers globally and using https port 443.


User will access url - https://appl-a.nnn.nn




In F5 LB, I created a Wide-IP and VS for application-A with port 443 (GTM and LTM).






Sometime later, a new application (Application-B) also wants to ride on the same physical servers and use F5 LB. This application-B is using https and port 8888.


i.e. https://appl-b.nnn.nn:8888




In my F5 LB GTM and LTM, how do I create for this new application?


For VS, should I use another new set of Virtual IP addresses or I can use the same VIPs created for application-A?


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