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Aug 18, 2022

How to configure and create a DNS and SMTP Server and configure it on the BIG-IP

I want to configure my Bigip to send email, and found out that it needed an DNS server and SMTP server to possibly configure it.

But i don't have a DNS server and SMTP server since may BIGIP is only running on may VMware Workstation Pro.

Were should i can create an DNS server and SMTP server, and configure it to my BIGIP and make make it reachable.

Hoping someone could help me regarding it since i'm having a hardtime on how to create one and configure.

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  • Hi!
    So, in this case you only need DNS for the f5 to resolve the name to your e-mail server.
    So where ever your going to send the mail out to. So your router which you use at home would work nicely.
    I can't remember if workstation can act as a DNS server in its own right when using nat.....
    Worst case, you point it at goggle, ( and but then the f5 wont be able to resolve interally if that is a problem.

    So the other question is what is the SMNP server you are going to use?

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      Regarding SNMP server. Can i use a windows server 2019 and configure an SNMP Server from there? That window server 2019 is also running on may vmwarE workstation pro