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Feb 01, 2012

how to clone/mirror traffic of a "member"

Hello folks,



I searched "clone" word to see if related subject is covered but the search functionality of the forum does not seem to be working at all.



Right, here is my problem.


I have a really huge UDP traffic with all ports which is distributed into x number of servers. For troubleshooting and testing issues, I want to clone the traffic which goes to a specific member/node.



I am aware of that there is clone pool attribute in GUI, but I do not want to clone all the traffic of the pool, because I cannot put another x number of servers as it would cost a lot of money.



Is it possible for me to clone the traffic which goes to member x.x.x.x/[all ports] of real_pool to member x.x.x.y/[all ports] of clone_pool?



Here is my code which actually did not work, but I believe it' give an idea what i am up to.




    if { [IP::addr [IP::server_addr] equals x.x.x.x] } {
        clone pool clone_Pool member x.x.x.y 0
    pool real_Pool member x.x.x.x 0










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