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Aug 09, 2011

How to clean LTM cookies




We host multiple websites on a single domain hence single virtual server and single irule for all those websites. Consumer requests to a particular website is maintained through Cookie persistence with 1 hour expiry. Cookie persistence is applied through Cookie persistence profile applied on Virtual server.



The issue we are seeing is when a consumer jumps a website LTM starts seeing two or more cookies and send the request to the wrong pool:node pair.



Is something similar to the following possible in iRules ?








if { grep BIGipServer [HTTP::cookie names] > 1 } {


Remove all bigip cookies starting with BIGipServer


HTTP::cookie remove "BIGipServer*"





There are other cookies present in the header from application etc. So can't remove "all" cookies.



I appreciate any help or idea.



Thank you,





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