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Nov 22, 2019

how to check logs of session between client IP and pool member

is their any logging of Client IP session with Pool memeber, if then how to check it ,if there is any way of reporting

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  • LB never send logs of successful/Unsuccessfully session until defined. To achieve this We suggest to add external Log Sever[Splunk, Syslog, etc] and configure High Speed Login profile in F5.


    Don't send all the traffic log to local f5 syslog DB. It will fill quickly and F5 performance will be slow.



  • If you are looking this info for troubleshooting, you can use the tmsh commands to list the connections.

    tmsh show sys connection cs-client-addr <source-ip>

    Note: Do not run tmsh show sys connection alone, this give a large number of records and sometimes the tmm might disrupt. Ultimately resulting in a failover.

    There are many properties to use,

    1.  cs-client-addr  --> Specifies the clientside remote address of the active connections. Subnets are supported.
    2.  cs-server-addr  --> Specifies the clientside local address of the active connections. Subnets are supported.
    3.  ss-client-addr  --> Specifies the serverside local address of the active connections.
    4.  ss-server-addr  --> Specifies the serverside remote address of the active connections.

    This will nicely show you the connection status of a source.

    If your intention is show the selected server for logging, you can use local logging or HSL logging, this depends purely on troubleshooting purpose or Audit purpose. If its for sometime, use local logging. Else use HSL logging.

    log local0. "TCP connection from [IP::client_addr]:[TCP::client_port] to [IP::local_addr]:[TCP::local_port]"
    	clientside {
    	HTTP::header insert Selected-Server [LB::server addr]
            log local0. "Selected-Server [LB::server addr]"

    With the above method, you are capturing client accepted and then also the server selected information and inserting the selected server as a header property, so that the server team can extract this info too.