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Jun 02, 2021

How does health monitor works

hi experts,


Just want to confirm,


supposed the health monitor has interval of 5 secs and time out at 16sec - DEFAULT settings.


Does this mean that even if the pool member is down for let say 1 seconds, F5 won't mark it down?


F5 will only mark it down after 16 seconds.


Is this correct?



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  • Hi Tia,


    the F5 will check every 5 seconds. After 16 seconds, if it has three consecutive failed checks (5 sec+5sec+5sec+1sec), it will mark the pool member down. It's basically three checks plus 1 second.

    This way the F5 can send three health checks and it provides a reasonable amount of time to for the pool member to reply.




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      Hi Daniel, this means that if the server went unreachable for 3 seconds, f5 will not mark it RED. Correct?

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        Correct. It will mark it red after 16 seconds of being unreachable.