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Sep 19, 2021

How do the F5 devices in Auto scale groups on AWS sync their config with and without BIG-IQ?

From the AWS F5 Guide at I read that the config of the F5 devices in auto scale group without the use of BIG-IQ is saved outside of them in a AWS S3 bucket. This is also shown in that there is one primary instance that I think writes to the S3 Bucket and the other instances read from the S3 Bucket and if this is so it is awasome as before I renember if creating a new Virtual server or any other config change needed you to shutdown the F5 instances and redeploy them. I even did not know that you can use BIG-IP VE in an auto scale group and not only the cloud edition.



Here is what is written in the AWS guide:




– An Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket, to store cluster data

and backup files

– Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), for cluster members to

communicate with one another







My question is if making auto groups with BIG_IQ from normal F5 Virtual devices or F5 Cloud edition is this the same way config synhronization is done with AWS S3 bucket or this time the F5 BIG-IQ stores the config onto itself and just deletes the old F5 virtual devices (cloud edition or normal VE edition) and creates new ones with the new config? Maybe there is a difference if the BIG-IQ scale group is from normal virtual devices or the cloud edition and there is no need for S3 bucket for the cloud edition?







I am starting to think that all AWS VS (regular) use an S3 bucket with our without BIG-IQ as recreating the F5 devices each time there is a config change seems not optimal and even when deploying with BIG-IQ there is an S3 bucket created asmrntioned in I couldn't just find a confirmation for the cloud edition if it is using S3 bucket or the devices are recreated each time there is config change but probably it again uses s3 bucket but the cloud edition much faster at booting when the auto scale group scales up or during a software upgrade.



The AWS guide even mentions to use cloud edition when testing their F5 implementation and for me this should also mean that the cloud edition has a normal GUI as have not played with it. If anyone has any input on this and if it is possible to import a created auto scale group without BIG-IQ in the BIG-IQ?

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