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Jun 03, 2003

How do I specify the equivalent of from SOAP/perl?

I want to do the equivalent of:

bigpipe virtual use pool defaultRoutePool

I tried:
    $soapResponse = $soap->create_from_pool( 
    SOAP::Data->name(virtual_server => { address => '', 
                                  port => '0' }), 
                          SOAP::Data->name(unit_id => 1), 
                          SOAP::Data->name(pool_name => 'defaultRoutePool'));

But I get "IP is not valid on network, address/mask do not conform to true IP"


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  • I create it with:


    bigpipe pool defaultRoutePool { \ 
         snat disable \ 
         nat disable \ 
         member \ 


    And (real address obscured for the innocent) is the default route for the


    F5 device. Since it's supposed to work, I'll recheck my code (since I wasn't sure if


    I was supposed to use zeroes, or some sort of -1, I figured I'd ask first...).
  • Is "defaultRoutePool" a default gateway pool? If you could post the configuration of "defaultRoutePool" (type, attributes, members, etc) we could try to recreate it. I've just tried this method and it works for me.
  • I just verified with our test group that you did indeed find a bug on the 4.2 product line (4.2.3 was tested). We've verified that this is fixed in version 4.5. I will submit a Change Request for this to be corrected in the next PTF.