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Jul 27, 2022

How can we make 2 Azure F5 device in active/standby mode in different resources group

We have created 2 device in Azure F5 . Both device are in different resources group. Both device has different vnet in respective resource group.

I am able to access both device with private ip. But I tried to make HA failover connection between both device as on-prem device.

I was thinking to try of GitHub ARM Template, but this is taking only 1 resources group. But we have to use 2 resources group.

Could someone please help me to work for this?

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  • Haven't worked with Azure but if it's anything like Google cloud you won't be able to create a HA failover since it depends on L2. Only solutions I've heard of is to use Active-Active and use the loadbalancer from your cloud vendor to distribute traffic between the two. Just don't forget to setup proper health monitoring.

    Perhaps someone with more experience in the area could chip in/validate?

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      Finally we built HA pair in same resource group. We gave up idea for different resources group as seems it didn't work. Yes this is L2 for HA, but you would need to add IP on Azure portal. It helps to build HA in same resource group.