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Feb 16, 2012

How can leared identities used for differnt protocols

Hello thogether



I have got a couple of Web Applications behind an ASM on http and all identities have been learned and configured manual. Now the customer would like to protect the Web Applications with Certificates (https) on the LTM itself with client certificates to use https between the client and the LTM/ASM. The communication to the backend Server is still http. In basic the communication is working but all identities have to learned again and have to configured again for https. Is there a quick way that the LTM/ASM doesn't learn those identities again?



As an example it looks like this under the url allowed url list:


[HTTP] /index.php


[HTTPS] /index.php



It would be nice if this could be done automatic by LTM/ASM with redirect or iRules in a way that new [HTTPS] /index.php is not needed to learned again. Something like replace HTTPS with HTTP before ASM Policy learns the same identity within HTTPS.



Any suggestion are welcome





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  • Peter,


    If you are running version 10.x or higher, you can go into Policy List and select Export XML. This will export the policy in a readable XML format. They just use an XML editor go in and switch all the HTTP to HTTPS. You can do this by doing a find for protocol="HTTP" and replacing it protocol="HTTPS". Then just save it off and import the new policy back to the ASM. That is the easiest way I can think of to do it.