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May 10, 2011

how can I monitor a redirect




I have several redirects sitting on my LTM version 9.3 that are used to redirect client to another location. For example,



a virtual server on the LTM will redirect users to




We have recently enabled OSPF routing on the LTM and are using it to route clients to the same IP whether the IP is being advertised in one datacenter of the failover site. The key here is to have something to monitor.



With these redirect we have, there is no pool to monitor, so the status is "blue". The problem is that virtual server is not advertised unless it is "green" status. Blue or red are considered the same and are not advertised.



So how can I monitor a redirect? Any ideas?








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  • You could add logging statements after each routing decision in the iRule.



    It would be a manual process to go back and collect the data and put it in a trend-able format though.