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Apr 18, 2012

Hotfix Installation - error

Hi Aaron/All,



I have to manually install the hotfix Hotfix-BIGIP-10.2.2-930.0-HF3 for asm version 10.2.2



I have downloaded the Hotfix .zip file(as per my version) and unzipped it.In the unzipped ISOLinux folder there is the install file tm_insta.rpm. There is also a file which unzips to



Now i goto the config utility , software management-->hotfix-->import and browse to pick tm_insta.rpm and install , i get an error msg "em.error. Error readingISO".



Question - Why am i getting this error while installing the hotfix. How can i resolve this.(I want to use the the config utility for installation)








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  • Hi Nik,



    Instead of unpacking the ISO, upload it to the /shared/images/ directory via SCP or upload it via the GUI under System | Software Mgmt | Hostfix list. Once the file is listed in the hotfix list, you can click on it and install it on an inactive slot.









    OK , u mean i should upload the downloaded "" file in the /shared/images directory and the install


    will unzip it on its own and do its stuff right ?





    Aaron , ok i did that , and the hotfix is now installed - thanks.