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Mar 08, 2011

Host communication to 1.1 (mgmt works fine)

I have read Jason's article on using the host as a test server, however I am having some issues getting the host to communicate over anything other than Vmnet1 - using for management.



I have Workstation 7.1.3 running in Host Only mode. Via Virtual Network Editor I created another interface (Vmnet2 and put this in host only mode. I configured a self ip of on int 1.1, and turned off dhcp. After doing this my host routing tables appears as expected. Ie there is a route for 10/24 out Vmnet2.



I set my default route on the F5 to point to the gateway of Vmnet2, however no communication takes place, arp fails and the Rx counters on my host interface remains at '0'.




Any help appreciated.