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May 17, 2011

Historical statistics

Hi all,



We're using 6900 LTMs (version 9.4.7) and I'd like to see if there is an easy way to view stats on various pool members - such as how many connections they took and/or amount of traffic over a period of time - and on virtual servers.



The counter numbers are good, but they don't give me a historical view of how many connections were being sent to a specific pool member or through a virtual server at a given point in time.



Is there anything in this or newer versions of LTM code that might do this? I've seen suggestions for using Cacti or our SNMP manager, but wondered if this was on the roadmap for being built into the WebUI.





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  • Not currently on the BIG-IP. Cacti is good for this (templates on devcentral) or EM includes this functionality natively.



    Better to keep this stuff off box.
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    Like you say... Cacti... There's also some standalone stuff I did a while back with RRDTool... Which (IMO) has a better interface and automation is slightly easier. But cacti works eacy out of the box.