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Feb 28, 2022

Hide applications from APM Citrix Webtop?

In Citrix Web Interface and Citrix Storefront it is possible to hide applications from appearing during app ennumeration with some modifications to their configuration files, even when a user has access to those apps.  I have a APM Citrix webtop (it is replacing webinterface/storefront) I would like to do the same with.  Is there some place I can configure or code I can modify to mask specific apps from appearing on the webtop?

I know it seems like a strange request- but I need to filter a specific app from appearing only through one gateway while allowing it to appear for the same users in another gateway.  Long story...hoping there is a way to do this with the webtop.



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    Alternately, is there a way to inject some tag in the user's clientname such as can be done with the "OverrideIcaClientname = On" parameter in citrix webinterface/storefront so I can see who is coming in from where?