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Nov 11, 2003

Help,about Load balance mode

I used Alteon before, and always load balance my webserver with Weighted Least Connection mode(WLC),because my webserver have diffrent capacities,this mode is fit for my web.



I use Least Connection(member) mode now at BigIP, and I specified various Ratio to webservers in the pool.but I found the ratio didn't work,all the webserver have similar http session coming.



So,in BIGIP,Which mode should I chose to do the same effect like the WLC in Alteon?




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  • I can't speak for Alteon's lb modes as I personally have no direct knowledge of them. It sounds to me that "Ratio - Node Address" (LB_METHOD_RATIO) or "Ratio - Member" (LB_METHOD_RATIO_MEMBER) should do the job for you.



    There are other modes that could also be appropriate. Observed and Predictive modes could be applicable if response time has a correlation to the server capacities.



    If you are having questions with BIG-IP configuration and deployment I would suggest you contact our product technical support where you can get more detailed support on the above topics.



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