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Jan 20, 2012

Help with logic on header check irule

Hello All,



So i have an irule in which I need to check http header for mozilla then check the URI then LB appropriately. after this condition I have 2 other URI that are from a browser and need to be LB appropriately.




So If /aaa does not come from mozilla send to pool aaa, otherwise send to zzzz



/bbb and /ccc are browser based and need to go to the respective pools.



I know I have the default pool at the end but i need to somehow that with an else after the



"*/aaa*" { pool aaa }




pool zzz}



/bbb and /ccc are browser based and will contain mozilla in the header field





if { not [string tolower [HTTP::header Accept]] contains "Mozilla" } {


switch -glob [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri] {


"*/aaa*" { pool aaa }


"*/bbb*" { pool bbb }


"*/ccc*" { pool ccc }


default {


pool zzz }











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  • OK, so you seem to be saying that /aaa is a special treatment compared to /bbb and /ccc? in which case, I think you're describing this:

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
       switch -glob [HTTP::uri] { 
          "/aaa*" { 
             if { not [string tolower [HTTP::header "User-Agent"]] contains "mozilla" } { 
                pool aaa 
             } else { 
                pool zzz 
          "/bbb*" { pool bbb } 
          "/ccc*" { pool ccc } 

    Is that what you mean? You mention needing a default, yet your description doesn't seem to want one at all. Can you clarify?

    So a few things I'd point out...

    1) You're using [HTTP:host] and then completely ignoring it. Also introducing potential vagueness into the switch - your logic would match, as "/aaa", which is surely not what you want.

    2) You're using the Accept header, when you surely mean the User-Agent header?

    [EDIT: s/mozilla/Mozilla/ as per Hoolio's comment below ]
  • Good points Chris. Also, if you're setting the User-Agent header to lowercase make sure the string you're comparing it with is lower case, like "mozilla".



  • @ Chris - Yes I need /aaa to be lb based on header field detection I will try your changes.



    @ Aaron thanks as well



    I am going to try this to see if I can get this to work.