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Jul 11, 2011

Help with HTTP redirect in ALL directions

Hello all,

We have been using the standard HTTP redirect irule, (posted below) that comes with our LTM, ver 10.2.0, for sometime now. However I'm being told now that this not only needs to be applied to incoming traffic, but internal traffic coming from the server as well. Basically I need the HTTP redirect iRule to work for all directions no matter where the request is coming from.

Currently we setup two VIPs, one http and the other https. The LTM acts as the SSL offload for a few Apps, the traffic on the backend to the server is done over http. We simply use the http redirect to https.

Should I simply apply this iRule to my https VIP as well or is there a better way to redirect internal traffic to use HTTPS?

if { [HTTP::host] equals "" } {

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