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Dec 27, 2010

help me with handshake logs




I'm experienced error while third party was trying to connect to my service using client certificate.



I did tcpdump attached the result.



Can you help me to find the problem.


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  • Hi InfoSec,

    The ssldump output shows the server rejected the client's certificate:

    1 7  1293361272.9715 (0.0011)  S>CV3.1(2)  Alert
        level           fatal
        value           handshake_failure

    If you can get a copy of the client's cert and key, you could test this yourself. The first thing I'd try is to use openssl s_client to check that the client cert is valid for the server cert.


  • Thank you very much.



    This was very helpful the problem fixed now.



  • Actually the problem was from the certificate itself signed in wrong way.


    This why it was reject by the server.