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Sep 12, 2020

Help http health monitor

I need help setting up http application monitoring on bigip.


I did the setup this way, and it worked.


Send string

GET / HTTP / 1.1 \ r \ nHost: \ r \ nConnection: Close \ r \ n \ r \ n


Recived string

HTTP / 1.1 302 Found


I need to monitor all applications that are on my servers poll but it doesn't work, when I insert more than one application in send string, my node in the pool goes offline I believe that some parameter must be wrong.


I did it this way and it doesn't work.


Send string

GET / HTTP / 1.1 \ r \ nHost:;; \ r \ nConnection: Close \ r \ n \ r \ n

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  • Your send string, "GET / HTTP / 1.1 \ r \ nHost:;; \ r \ nConnection: Close \ r \ n \ r \ n" violates RFC, you can have only one host in a host header. In this situation I can only assume your server interprets the value of the host header as one long string ";;" instead of your intention of 3 unique values.


    Do your servers strictly require a value for the Host header? RFC states that it can be a null (empty) value so if all your servers do not strictly require a value then just leave it empty. If they do require a strict value then you will need to create multiple monitors and apply them to each pool member individually as required.


    "GET / HTTP / 1.1 \ r \ nHost:\ r \ nConnection: Close \ r \ n \ r \ n"

  • I understand Andrew, I will have to apply to create several monitoring and apply individually to the members of the pool, I did the test here and it worked.


    Thank you very much Andrew for your support.