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Nov 27, 2021

Health performance Irule with multi APIs to check and redirect if there is an issue

Hi F5 Community ,


i have been asked to put a health performance irule to check multi APIs on same backend pool there are 100s of API that sit on these BE servers but when top 5 see that there is lag then we will need to redirect traffic to other pool.


when http_response {

clientside {set rtt [tcp::rtt]}

if ($rtt < 1600 ) {

pool poolx




log "compress rtt=$rtt"

pool your pool2




above is for all the responses on the Virtual server i was wondering if we can add some variables and loops to check 5 APIs rtt and then take a decision on it.


if any one has already done it please help me out here.



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  • It might be possible if you create 5 unique pools to the same backend and monitor the rtt to these pools seperately. For example see the iRule that is being used for Exchange deployments.