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Oct 19, 2011

Header Rewrite & Port Translation Issues (Oracle App Servers)

I am currently load balancing a 10.2.1 LTM to two legacy Oracle applications (Tru64 Alpha Server) The applications need to be accessed on port 8895. Everything in my config is on the same subnet besides our mgt port. I am trying to access the application via http://VS_Domain:8895/oracle/directory.



I know its load balancing correctly because I am able to access http://VS_domain and the apache web server page pops up. I am also able to access each node individually through the network through the F5 and completely access the application (F5 acting as a switch instead of load balancing)http://Node_domain:8895/oracle/directory.



The Oracle App Servers don't seem to answer to IP addresses so I implemented this iRule and the corresponding data strings.


ipaddress := http://Node_Domain:8895/Oracle/Directory. I thought this would also solve the port issues because its right there in the new rewritten header pulled from the data string. (40 executions no failures).



Like I said the application is fully functional when just trying to access one of the nodes hostnames but it is using the F5 as a switch instead of load balancing.




PS. The IP address of our virtual server is added to our DNS records, the VS is set to all ports, and the pool is set to all ports.




Let me know if you have any ideas.


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