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Feb 28, 2011

HASH ElECTION with different cache server Type

Hi All ,



could you please someone help me to do hash election for different cache type pool ?



for example i have total 6 cache servers , 2 of them have capacity up to 500 MB , and other 2 cache servers are up to 200M , and the last 2 cache servers are up to 100 M, and i am plan to use all of them under one VS (wild virtual server) with hash election mechanism.



but how i can do some ratio to be for first bigger cache servers two times more hits than the other cache servers and so on , with hash election mechanism been utilized.



really i will appreciate anyone can help !






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  • may i have make it very simple, hopefully someone will help :) all what i need is (Weight with election hash mechanism ) loadbalance ? is it possible ?