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Jun 02, 2021

Has any one ever got Solar Winds F5 backups working ???

Am shouting out to seen if anyone has got Solar Winds Configuration management templates working with F5 partitions.

I am using / modifying a default template "F5 Big IP" from SW , there are some bizarre issues with the provided config as per :

1. tmsh -q show running-config is the stated command will only back up the common partition 

When I try "cd / ; list all-properties recursive" (tmsh not BASH) SW just hangs ; cmd runs OK on the device.

2. The system OID is Cisco not F5 .. not a major unless you are auto discovering up in which case all your Cisco devices will find themselves running F5 commands .. 

3. The CIPHERS SW uses by default are not compatible with F5 TMOS ver. 13 and an cause the management CPUs to run at 100% for several minutes .. more of an issue 

4. SW drops the UCS back up in /var/local/ which is kind of hidden away.

5. The template reloads its newly created UCS back to the F5 for reasons unknown.


Once I got passed points 2-5 I was left with 1 .. I cannot get the command to run from solar winds.


Has any one ever got partitioned F5 config backup to work and if so could they upload the SW template config ..

I could maybe get this to work with SCF files .. which I will try now.




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