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Dec 09, 2013

HA Configuration with Route-Domains

Hello All,


I have couple of queries.


(We are running 11.4 with HF3) 1. When deploying F5 using route domains each using separate partitions and each having its own internal/external vlans, what is the recommended HA configuration. Shall we define a separate HA-vlan for each route domain and then add them to the "failover unicast configuration" one-by-one ? because currently HA config (configSync/Failover/Mirroring) options just has the mgmt interface and the HA interface of the default route domain.


  1. We did a failover test by bringing down the the trunk on Active F5 but it didn't failed. I suspect this is happening because the self IPs in route domain are not visible in failover unicast configuration (common partition) and as mentioned above failover unicast configuration is just showing mgmt and HA-VLAN(direct HA link bw F5s). We then had to enable vlan fail-safe option (45 sec interval) on the internal/external vlan for the failover to work.


  2. Since we have multiple route domains, shall we define a separate traffic groups for each partition/route-domain ?


Is there any best practice document with recommendations on above design challenges ?






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    I believe that the HA config IP's (config sync, mirroring and HB) all have to be in the default (0) route domain.


    I did start to configure some in separate RD's ages ago when playing with some configs on a test box, but quickly ran into trouble.


    You can configure HAGroups info such as gateway monitoring in separate RD's though.


    I usually configure separate traffic-groups when using route-domains as well.




  • i am looking at a similar config.


    when you configure the RD do you need to create the RD and supporting network information from within the partition it logically correlates in?


    Also is it best practice to have different traffic groups for each partition/RD for HA as well ?


    partition/RD and other network info/TG