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Feb 24, 2011

GTM Wideip Alias list & irules

This is more of a general question than an issue.



Is there a way to specify aliases from an irule on a wideip



or the use of wildcard on an alias i.e.



can you






or is it like ssl wildcard would be *



What i am really trying to do here is see if there is a way for me not to add in 1400 wideip entries and just make one wideip and use a wildcard as an alias.



The use an irule to capture the http header value and cname it to the orginal wideip agiain so it forwords back to the pool members on the ltm's wiht the header value.



i know sounds crazy.








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  • I think you're combining technologies that won't. Yes, you can use aliases to eliminate need for multiple wideIP definitions:




    The following examples are all valid uses of the wildcard characters for the wide IP name,



















    However, that's just a matching technique. The client won't make a request for *, it'll be something like You can change the host header no problem in an iRule, but I don't think you'll be able to tie an aliased wideIP dns request to the http request, so you'll need to make sure all your (ex - would need to be rewritten.