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Mar 05, 2021


Hello ALL ,

I working on one project where I need to failover between Wide IP's across two geographical location . One Wide IP ( sits in Australia which polls TWO DC's DC1 and Dc2 . The Other Wide IP ( in AMERICA which Also Polls two Dc's DC1 and DC2 .

The requirement is to failover to the AMERICA Wide IP if all pools in AUSTRALIA goes DOWN ( or DC's goes DOWN ) and VICE- VERSA .

I never developed an irule for DNS .

reading through the documents , I found below irule BUT no sure if this will work with my requirement .

	  # Changed = = 0 to < 1 for CR100063 / SOL10137
	  if { [active_members pool_test] > 0 } {
	    cname ""
     else {
       cname ""



Can I please request to get some guidance on this ?


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  • If you are using topology loadbalancing method, it would take care of your 1st requirement to send traffic from AU users to AU DC's and US users to US DC's. in the WIP configuration, there is an option of last resort pool so for AU WIP select US pool and for US WIP seelect AU WIP and it would work for your 2nd requirement.