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Nov 29, 2011

GTM iRule Syntax, how to disable/enable a GTM pool member (VS) ?




Any one knows the sysntx on how to enable/disable a GTM pool member using an iRule?



I'm trying to enable pool members that are in the manual resume (Balck) status using an iRule.



Kind regrads





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    Hi Khamari,



    A pool member's state cannot be manipulated from within an iRule. You can check the number of members available or get a list, but you can't flip the switch. You could do this with iControl though. The method you'd want to use is GlobalLB::PoolMember.set_enabled_state. Hope that helps,



  • Thanks George, you reply did put me in the right direction. I end up using neither irules or icontrol but instead a perl script. So I could take advantage of tmsh command that enable all pool members of a pool.