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Sep 05, 2019

GTM HA sync


we have BIGIP HA pair running (LTM+GTM), only LTM configurations are replicated between ha pairs.

how to add GTM also to sync group?

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  • For reasons I don't understand, DNS uses a different HA/sync method than the rest of the BIGIP world.


    You can read up on it for example here: here: and here:

  • Hello gersbah,

    thanks for your valuable feedback, I have read this document before but I am confused in some points below

    -when add standby node as a server at the active node do I will use the self IP of the standby node ?

    -gtm_add script give warning as it will erase all configurations? is it mean DNS configurations only or all configurations of the box?

  • thanks Hoang,

    really it is very useful link

    do we have to add the standby node in HA as a different server or just add the self ip of standby node to the same server of active node?

  • The BIG-IP DNS/GTM training exercise at



    may once have been a true "latest", but as of this writing it is a few

    years old, and a couple of details of BIG-IP DNS have changed.


    The exercise was based on BIG-IP software Release 12.1.x, but one notable

    change to the user interface was incorporated beginning with Release 13.1.0.


    When configuring...


    DNS >> GLSB : Servers : Server.List >> New.Server


    ...and you get to the step for adding a BIG-IP device, the old GUI

    screen would allow you to choose between a standalone BIG-IP system

    and a 2-member DSC (HA) setup, with separate server-type choices:


    BIG-IP System (Single)

    BIG-IP System (Redundant)  [that is, an HA pair of 2 systems]


    With Release 13.0 (and later), the "General Properties/Product" choices

    offer only a combined type "BIG-IP System" -- but to the menu was added

    a "Devices" section. Within this "BIG-IP System Devices" block there is

    a small (and easily overlooked) button marked "Add". When you click this

    little button, the webpage pops up a box "Add BIG-IP System Device" for

    entering IP addresses and other parameters of one BIG-IP system. The

    "Add" function can be invoked multiple times, thus supporting DSC groups

    containing more than 2 BIG-IP systems.