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Mar 20, 2012

GTM External Monitor




I want to create a GTM external monitor to monitor GT.M database engine.




I would appreciate if anybody provides some help on this .




GT.M Technology Detail




GT.M includes a robust, high performance, multi-paradigm, open-architecture database. Relational, object-oriented and hierarchical conceptual models can be simultaneously applied to the same data which is accessible to concurrent host-based and client-server applications via C/C++, SQL and M.








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  • Hi Thasin,



    i actually googled the exact same sentence, and landed on:


    The G.T.M. mentioned on this page is not related to the F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager.



    Have a look here for the f5 product:








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    GT.M is not a Big-IP global traffic manager. It is a database




    Kindly find more details about GT.M database




    GT.M is the enterprise scale transaction processing database application development platform at the heart of FIS Profile™ integrated enterprise banking application. GT.M is bundled with Profile as part of ProfileDB and is also available separately from FIS as a commercial product.


    GT.M is a vetted, industrial strength platform for developing high performance transaction processing database applications that must scale to the enterprise level. GT.M includes all the functionality needed to implement world-class transaction-processing applications. As a database engine, GT.M:


    • Supports full Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable (ACID) transactions
    • Is substantially faster for transaction processing than traditional relational databases
    • Imposes no restrictions on the application schema – the schema is entirely implemented and enforced by the application, as it is with other “schema-free” or “NoSQL” key-value database