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Jun 21, 2011

GTM config

We have two datacenters and are trying to configure datacenter failover for both LDAP and LDAPS. The same systems are hosting these services and I am having a hard time understanding how to set this up in the GTMs for monitoring and pool setup. We have two hosts in datacenter A and two hosts in datacenter B, each of which is capable of handling LDAP and LDAPS traffic. We want all traffic to go to the datacenter A servers unless they are down, in which case it will go to the datacenter B servers. I have configured two pools on the GTMs, one for the virtual servers on port 389 and one for the virtual servers on port 636, similar to this...



pool_ldap_389 - Global Availability











pool_ldap_636 - Global Availability











Now, when I go to configure the Wide IP, I am stumped on how this is going to work. There is no way to configure the Wide IP for separate ports like there is for configuring virtual servers for different ports on an LTM. So I could configure the Wide IP with the two pools (389 first, then 636) and set the load balancing to Round Robin. What happens if a request comes in for port 636 and the load balancing sends it to the pool for 389? Do I need some kind of iRule to send it to the correct pool based on the request port?



I hope that I am missing something simple here. Thanks in advance for any help with this.


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