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Apr 17, 2011

GTM answer DNS requests for external site without WIDE-IP




This be a stupid question but I really do need help with this if anyone can? The scenario is simple.



A domain ( is set up within zonerunner so the GTM responds to DNS requests for is a site which is hosted at an external company so we don't need any of the GTM's intelligent dns features such as Wide-IP;'s, pools, virtuaL servers etc. All the GTM needs to do is respond to dns queries for and return the address of the external hosting company.



For whatever reason a predicessor of mine has set-up a wide-ip which contains 1pool and 1 virtual server for This is all completley pointless because we don't host there is no virtual server set up on the LTM's for the GTM's to monitor.




I need to remove the Wide-Ip, Pool and virtual server for (see previous post) on the GTM's as its causing issues. if I do this will the GTM still responds to dns queries for



Many Thanks







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  • I've looked in to this further and believe that if I remove the wideip and pool for whilst having a zonerunner (BIND) entry this will allow the GTM to respond using standard DNS rather than wideip information. The caveat is that the listener for DNS queries must be a self IP address on the GTM which it is.