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Nov 07, 2011

Getting hold of LTM through GTM Wide Ip and Data Center

Hi Guys,



We have to disable LTM VIP and LTM WIP pool members, we are getting only 2 parameters GTM Wide IP (FQDN) and Data Center. How can i find out LTM from these 2 parameters. I looked into GLobalLBDataCenter and GLobalLBWideIP and did not get any method which can help. Please help.


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    The GTM cannot enable and disable LTM virtual servers via iQuery or indirectly via iControl. It can only receive monitoring information from iQuery and make decisions based on it. You will not be able to imply an LTM virtual server name from only the WideIP and datacenter. Those two values are not unique to an one LTM or pair of LTMs. There could be any number of LTMs in a given datacenter.



    One suggestion would be to insert a header using an iRule at the origin LTMs that is unique to the unit, then you can see the origin of the request. Sorry I couldn't be more help.