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Nov 03, 2003

get_statistics ITCMLocalLB.Global.GlobalStatistic




We'd like to use iControl to monitor (and later graph)





I have the working script but cannot seem to get this


type and value returned correctly on its own from the get_statistics() part of the script.



Any help appreciated.

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  • basically I'd like GLOBAL_STATISTIC_CURRENT_CONNECTIONS' as a returned value on its own without requesting all the stats of get_statistics()



    BIG-IP v4.5



  • Could you be a bit more specific on your issue? The call to get_statistics



     struct GlobalStatistic 
         GlobalStatisticType type, 
         long value 
     void get_statistics( 
         out GlobalStatistic[] global_stats 



    returns a array of GlobalStatistic structures containing containing each type of statistic. Enumerating this array until you find one with the type of "35" should have an associated value of the current connections.



    What exactly is the behavior you are seeing? Is a entry with type 35 being returned with an incorrect value? You mentioned that there was a problem with the type being returned correctly. If so, could you explain what this means?



    Also, if you could include the version of BIG-IP you are accessing that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem if there is one.



  • Currently the only way to get LocalLB global statistics is in a single bulk call and you will have to extract the metric from the array.