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Apr 08, 2023

Get Started with BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Virtual Editions

Try BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Virtual Editions

The updated page incudes downloads for AWS, Azure, VMware, Goolge, KVM, Openstack, XEN and HyperV. Deployment templates include Terraform, Azure ARM, Google GDM and Cloudformation.

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  • I wonder if we will have F5OS in a virtual edition for KVM (qcow2) in the future. 

    • F5OS (Velos/rSeries) is made for appliances and chassis not for a VM, so I do not see F5 doing this as I see no  merit in it.Maybe they can create a simulator as the bare minimum for F5OS.


      BIG-IP NEXT will be the one that will have a VM version.