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Nov 10, 2010

get_profile error

I'm trying to develop some Perl code to rename VIPs. One of the steps I need to do is figure out which profiles are applied, and I am using the get_profile function to do it. However I am getting an "Unrecognized type" error. I can successfully get other properties of the VIP using other functions, like get_default_pool_name for example, so I know I am referencing the right VIP. I'm a big-time iControl novice - can anyone clue me in? Here's the code I'm using to get the profiles:
my $soapResponse = $Virtual->get_profile(SOAP:ata->name(virtual_servers => [$existing_vip]));
This command returns Unrecognized type '{urn:iControl}LocalLB.ProfileType'. However there is other output (attached) which makes it appear like the command is successful.

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  • To close the loop on this, it turns out I did not explicitly load SOAP::Lite. Not sure how I was able to get other properties without it, but I'm not concerned enough to worry about it.