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  • are you sure it isn't there? i checked and i can see it on my system, it isn't the three digit one but the longer four times four digits.


  • An option is to test log the variables session.client.app_id and session.client.app_version to the APM log with the Logging Agent action in the access policy:





    But I have not tested this myself to log those exact variables, so keep that in mind.



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      checked both on a tmos 14 system, first says edge, second says none.


      there is a session.client.version also, which is 2.0.


      seems like the host header still seems the best way.

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        thank you for comment, yes I m sure the version doesn't appear, I get -> Version: none

        Updating client info - Hostname: XXXX Type: edge Version: none Platform: Win10 CPU: WOW64 UI Mode: Standalone Javascript Support: 1 ActiveX Support: 1 Plugin Support: 0 Model: Platform Version: Serial Number: IMEI:

        So I need to add the variables sessions session.client.app_id or session.client.app_version to get the version ?


  • Hi all,


    Do you have any idea to get apmclient version number when F5VPN via browser?

    I got version number when a user uses EdgeClient directly but can't when browser logon.