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Apr 27, 2021

Generate a unique ID with the help of an iRule

Hello everyone

I would like to generate a unique ID with the help of an iRule and place it in a header. The goal is to identify the HTTP request by the ID. Has anyone done something like this before?

What I have tried:

when HTTP_REQUEST priority 3 {

###Generate URL Tracing

for { set i 0 } {$i < 8 } { incr i } {
append rand_hex [format {%x} [expr {int(rand()*16)}]]
#log local0. "X-Request-ID: $rand_hex"

###Add X-Request-ID Header

if {not([HTTP::header exists X-Request-ID ])}{
	HTTP::header insert X-Request-ID $rand_hex


when HTTP_RESPONSE priority 3 {
  HTTP::header insert X-Request-ID $rand_hex


The problem is that I sometimes see multiple requests with the same ID. Does anyone have a better idea how to solve it?

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