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Sep 29, 2010

Generate a page after service has been moved off the F5

Hi guys we have a service that will be moving behind a different URL in a different country and we can't identify all the users not using DNS. So my plan is to use an iRule to create a page with simple text letting them know of the change with a clickable link. I'm sure it's been done before but I can't find a sample...



I'm still new so I've tried taking apart other iRules designed for presenting a status page or node count but couldn't get it to work.



Requirement: Add an iRule to a VIP which generates a static page with a message and a html link


Version: BIG-IP 9.4.8 Build 407.0 Hotfix HF4

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  • Hi JoeBlogs1759,

    You could write up an irule that redirects them to a different URL


    when HTTP_REQUEST {
            HTTP::redirect ""

    Does that work?

  • We don't want to automatically redirect them as they will never change the URL. What we would like to do is generate a simple page with the message


    "This address has changed!"


    "Please use"


    "You will not be redirected"