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Dec 15, 2010

FTPS processing on Viprion

I'd to setup FTPs load balancing on a Virprion. I have some concerns over possible timeout issues, whereby the control connection times out whilst the data conenction is still active. I have read this is because an FTP profile is not applied to a FTPS VIP and so the PVA cannot send keepalives to stop the TMM from reaping the control connection (SOL10557). However in the overviews of TCP connection setups (SOL8082) for Virprions it states that the Viprion does not contain a PVA and all FastL4 (applied to FTPS VIPS) profiles use the TMM for processing. So I am wondering if the timeout issues for an FTPS control and data connection still apply to Viprions?




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  • The TCP timeouts occur lower in the stack from FTP or FTPS, so the absence of the FTP profile won't affect you either way. Setup custom TCP profiles with your system with timeouts that are appropriate for your setup. It doesn't matter that you're using viprion in this case - the concept applies to all v9.x and higher systems (pva or not).



  • We're found that adjusting the timeouts on the FastL4 profile applied to our FTPS on our 3600s directly affects the FTPS transfers - if we have set a 30 second timeout the transfer will reset after that time. However I would expect it to behave this way based on the distribution of the FTPS control and data connections between the TMM and PVA. As I understand the TCP of the control connection will sit idle and eventually timeout. As I understand since the Viprions do not contain PVAs and i'm wondering if this will still be an issue on them?





  • It won't be an issue on either. If I recall correctly, your 3600s don't have PVA either - double check against the platform guide to be sure. Fast L4 simply puts the LTM into delayed-binding mode as opposed to full proxy mode. PVA offload or not is sort of an academic distinction for this particular use case, and offload per se doesn't apply to either of these systems or the use problem at hand.



    Also, it sounds like you may have changed the timeout value on the global fastl4 profile. If you did, I'd roll that change back, create a custom profile based off of fastl4, and customize your timeouts there. That way you can be extremely granular with regard to which timeouts are applied to which VIPs.



    Good luck!