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Apr 17, 2018

Forwarding Client-IP on TCP profile

Hi,   I currently have a setup where we are forwarding traffic to a pool with TCP profile and no HTTP profiles.   The pool members need to know the client IP however we have SNAT Automap enable...
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    Apr 23, 2018

    Hi All,


    Many thanks for your support on this. Sending this as an update following your suggested solutions and information provided, so I'm updating this thread for any future reference and other members that would find this information useful.


    We have had several tests and configurations done, and basically the approach was have to a fastL4 virtual server for HTTPS requests, forwarding IP virtual server for gateway and forwarding IP virtual servers for direct access to machines - refer to below.



    This setup provided us with multiple issues due to network connections not being made available to the docker environment and as such due to time constraints and additional testing required, we have developers creating an HTTP profile on the services to read the x-forwarded-for header and in turn we will change the setup from forwarding to standard virtual servers.


    I will post again in the future once we allocate time for testing and configs.


    Many thanks for your assistance,