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Oct 12, 2011

form/windows base authentication

Hello Community,

Does any one know if it's possible to send login into sites that use form/windows base authentication? Or intercept credentials and manipulate them during IRules execution?




Thanks in advance.








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  • Hi trx,



    See if this is what you are looking for:



    Client Auth Using HTML Forms

  • Thanks! Can the f5/IRules login via windows base authentication?
  • Are you asking if you use AD / LDAP for access to the Management Console of the F5?



    If so, yes.



    You can configure it here:


    System -> Users -> Authentication
  • I mean IIS basic authentication. Any ideas?



    Also thanks for the forms base solution.





  • Your options for the Big-IP itself are:





    Remote - Active Directory


    Remote - LDAP


    Remote - RADIUS


    Remote - TACACS+



    They are all under the System -> Users -> Authentication Area.



    I do not believe that iRules are included in this, but someone did make a Basic Authentication iRule some time back, but if I am not mistaken the credentials it used where stored locally.