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May 06, 2020

Floating selfip GARPs when virtual-addresses are set to disabled and no arp

I migrated a configuration over from a physical F5 to a virtual F5 with enabled no and arp disabled on the virtual-addresses. Self IPs were configured and interfaces were enabled on the virtual F5 which they probably should not have been. I loaded the configuration via tmsh from a file and used merge even though the F5s were a blank slate when it came to traffic objects. The configuration loaded without any errors and our FW saw the GARP rom the self ip and caused issues with applications. I did not even do a save sys config. The VE F5s were in a HA state and has auto sync enabled, the configuration did sync as expected.


All virtual were showing as disabled but the logs showed the virtuals as becoming available, Enabled and then Disabled. It didn't make sense.


F5 is running and I do see some oddities in the known issues around self ips overriding the virtual-address settings.


How did they become available?


Anyone seen a GARP when loading a configuration in a disabled / no arp state?

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