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Oct 17, 2011

first time user of application security manager. stupid question.

We have a license for the application security manager on our 6900 LTM pair but never turned it up because there wasn't a need at the time but now there's a move to enable it. However our web services are mostly authentication over HTTPS (the physical servers are load balanced by the LTMs) and not actual web sites so would this module not doing anything for me? The only real worry on my end are clients who are spamming the servers with authentication requests and taking up needless connections on the server itself as they randomly guess keys. I was hoping the Brute Force piece of the ASM could help but this is HTTP only?


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    Fun times! So the ASM can only be affective when it can read the traffic. So, if the traffic is being passed through the unit without ever being decrypted, the ASM won't be of much assistance. BUT, if you are using ssl offloading on the F5, that would mean that it decrypts (and possibly re-encrypts if you have a serverssl profile) the traffic. If that is occurring, then the ASM can read the traffic flowing through and provide some measure of protection.



    So for brute force force protection, what version are you running?