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Mar 14, 2012

Firepass to APM design concerns

Sorry this is going to be a long one and I'm not sure where to turn and sorry if I'm posting int he wrong section. I don't really see a APM or Firepass forum. I am aware that I will need to move from Firepass to APM in the near future. I'm being asked to give a good estimate of how long this will take. The estimate will depend a lot on if customers who use firepass have to change the way they do things. I have spent a couple weeks on the evaluation version of APM and I still have not got down how to set up our multiple exchange servers (with activesync)



All our customers have their own authentication and exchange servers



Today on firepass we have one hostname with this config



Https:// (main VPN page) (agency1 owa, active sync, sso) (agency2 owa, active sync, sso) (agency3 owa, active sync, sso)



and so on




I have been following the guide here although I am testing version 11. The 11 guide seems to omit the APM config.



First of all can I even do this? It seems that the new APM would be less complicated if I did separate VIPs for the different agencies. Obviously for the customers changing the links on all the phones will be time consuming.



If I can do this, then I'll post the technical things that are tripping me up on the config.



Thanks in advance,





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